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Star Simpson

Star Simpson is a special Maker. She’s part artist, part engineer, part adventurer, part instigator, and wholly genius, creative, wonderful, and inspiring. She’s a hacker’s hacker. I am really impressed … Continue reading

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Chris Hackett

If you are ever stuck on a deserted island, Hackett is the guy you want to be stuck with. He will fashion some old batteries and a coconut or two … Continue reading

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Don Stanford

Most people take for granted so much of the technology around us. One man who doesn’t is my neighbor and fellow Brown University faculty member Don Stanford. He is the … Continue reading

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Pamela Jennings

Ok, it’s Tax time and I’m tired. That’s no excuse for not posting more awesome Black Makers to the blog! Especially since it’s tax time and I’m about to give … Continue reading

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Chad Jenkins

Odest Chadwicke Jenkins is my friend and neighbor. If I really wanted to split hairs, Chad is more a scientist than a Maker. I will overlook that small technicality because … Continue reading

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John Glass

John is my dopplegänger. He works at NASA. That’s cool! He is an outer-space food packaging expert, a motocrosser, and Arduino hacker. We all take packaging stuff for granted, but … Continue reading

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Anthony Fudd

I was surprised when I met Anthony for the first time at the 2012 Barbot competition in San Francisco. This guy was part of the Lego Mindstorm team. How cool … Continue reading

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Emeka Okafor

Emeka is Making Makers! He’s one of the main forces behind Maker Faire Africa. Emeka has the same name as a famous professional basketball player, but they are not to … Continue reading

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Makeda Stephenson

I met Makeda Stephenson in India during the FAB5 conference. She is going far in the Maker world! She’s very involved in the Fab Lab network, and made very cool … Continue reading

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Amon Millner

Amon Millner is another member of the Modkit team. I also first met him at Maker Faire in Austin, TX. He does a lot of cool stuff, and his students … Continue reading

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